Did a Bear Enter your home last night ?

Most likely that bear will be back tonight. We can secure and repair any broken window or door. We can place an electric door mat at the place of entry to let that bear know he is "unwelcome".
We are a Class C10 licensed electrical Contractor as well as a Class B general building contractor. No other installer of electrical fencing is a licensed electrical contractor with a C-10 license.

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We specialize in various methods of electrical fencing bear deterrents to protect your home from unwanted bear entry

Electric fence bear damage


We are sorry if you have encountered damage to your home due to the Black Bear.  We can install the most effective electric fence bear deterrent system available and eliminate the chance of another bear break-in ever again. We are interested in speaking to you and learning about your individual home and how you use your home (do you rent it alot?, only use it in the summer etc) and then developing a plan to help you feel comfortable and secure in your home.  Often enough I can give you some advice and options to safely secure your home without having to install an electric fence system. I have been rebuilding and reinforcing doors from black bear encounters for over 20 years.
We are the only installer of electrical fencing that is a fully licensed class C-10 electrical contractor. We also carry a class B general building license and are Accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Check out our “products-services” page for more on the different options of electric fencing for bears on your home.

electric door mat for bears

Electric bear Deterrent Door mat

Custom electric bear door mat

custom made electric mat to fit step and allow out-swinging doors

electric bungee bear deterrent

electric bungee and twine in white

electric bear wires

Removable electric window protection to allow casement outswing